Dober Den!

My little window spot

My little window spot

Good day from Bulgaria! I’m currently sitting in my apartment by the windows enjoying the breeze and a little music via Spotify. It’s wonderful here! I got to Stara Zagora Thursday a little before lunchtime, and I already feel like so many things have happened! I’ll start with my traveling adventures though, so that we can all appreciate how good it is that God is in control.

My United Airlines flight from SFO to Frankfurt was supposed to leave around 2pm on Tuesday the 11th. It was delayed a little over an hour though, which caused me to miss my connecting flight to Munich. So at Frankfurt the wonderful Lufthansa staff set me up with new flights. I went to my gate glad I could still get to Bulgaria, but was pretty worried about how my contact in Bulgaria would know my flight was going to be coming in almost seven hours later… Somehow by God’s goodness the gate I waited at seemed to be the only place in the airport with free wifi I could connect to. I was able to let my contacts know via Facebook, Skype, and email that I would be late. My mom calls these little moments “God winks” because it’s just like a small little reminder from God that He’s got it all under control, especially because shortly after I sent those messages, my gate was changed and I had to leave the wifi behind. It was remarkable in hindsight that it worked out that way.

Iceland is green and Greenland is ice.

Iceland is green and Greenland is ice.

After I flew to Munich at 2pm, I had to wait several hours before my flight to Sofia at 7:20pm. I didn’t feel very well at this point, and I was definitely feeling exhausted. I had been traveling since 9am on the 11th and here was the evening of the 12th with hours to go and another flight ahead of me. I tried to sleep as much as possible on the planes but my body was totally confused. All in all, I made it to Sofia with no problems at Passport control and three fancy new stamps in my passport! To top it all off, my contacts were right there waiting, and I got BOTH of my suitcases despite the transfers and issues! It was a total example to me of how God has it all under control and that even if I might not have enjoyed the process of getting to Bulgaria so much, it was absolutely worth it.

Once I got to Sofia it was about 11pm on the 12th. Keeping all of those time differences in mind, I had absolutely no sense of what time it was, other than bed time. It was actually a blessing I was delayed too because Margie and I were able to stay with some wonderful friends of hers in Sofia. Dal and Beth have this beautiful little apartment in one of the blocks (a block is one of those blocky apartments built during communism) looking over the park. In the morning we had a delicious breakfast and I had to take some photos of the views from their apartment because Sofia was absolutely gorgeous! It’s been raining a lot so everything is green and kind of fresh, and the clouds just made it so pretty yesterday.

A little light in Sofia

A little light in Sofia

Southern view

Southern view

Yesterday Margie and I drove into Stara Zagora after leaving Sofia and I got to meet her daughter and do a little sightseeing. Most people walk everywhere in Stara Zagora, so I got a lot of exercise running errands and getting things done with Margie and Marissa. Last night I got to relax after the days adventures and I was going to write a blog post but I kept falling asleep at my computer… So here’s this extra long post!

Today I made toast for breakfast (and nearly burned it) using the little kitchen I’m still adjusting to, and bought my first groceries in a Bulgarian market. Also as a side note, everyone buys fresh produce here at local vendor stalls, and I think I’ve eaten more cherries and strawberries in the past two days than I have in the past year. Delicious! I also had my first language lesson with my wonderful teacher Tsetsa, and I’m really enjoying learning Bulgarian! We’ll see how much I end up learning, but I definitely want to work hard at it!

I’ll be going to youth group for people age 18-26 tonight at church with Marissa and am looking forward to meeting more Bulgarians! I know this has been a lot to read, but so much has happened already and I feel so blessed to be here! I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen next, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted! Blagodaria for reading!


4 thoughts on “Dober Den!

  1. Hi honey! This is great! I love being able to read all the details of what is going on with you. It’s such a blessing to hear how God helped and provided for you. He is good! Dad and I just read this post and now he is headed to shower to go to work. We love you!!! In our prayers, MOM

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